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Tips for Better Operating Garage Door

04/25/2014 Back To Blog

It is perfectly possible to improve the operation of your garage door and to extend its useful life. You simply need to provide a little bit of extra care as part of garage door maintenance. This will not involve a lot of time or effort on your part. At the same time, you will avoid issues and save money. Consider what you have to do to make your door even better.

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Good Care Pays Off

No matter whether you have an innovative wireless garage door keypad or a traditional one, you have to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, it may start malfunctioning and this can pose serious security issues. You have to clean the keypad and focus on removing any dirt which has got stuck around the buttons. Check the casing for any cracks or other kinds of damage. In case the keypad is wired, you have to inspect the cables and the connectors to ensure that they are in good condition.


You have to provide proper garage door sensors maintenance as well. It involves cleaning the photo eyes and the other parts of the sensors, checking their power supply and aligning them so that they face each other completely. After you have provided maintenance, you need to check whether the sensors work properly. Place a paper towel roll underneath the door and push the button to close it. The door should reverse upon touching the roll.


You need to care for the garage door tracks and for the nuts and bolts which hold them in place as well. Tighten the bolts, if they have loosened up. Clean the nuts and bolts if they have become rusty. If this does not help, they have to be removed.


Finally, you need to wash the garage door panels with warm water and a sponge. That way, you will protect the panels from damage caused by dirt, bird droppings and mold and avoid garage door panel replacement.

Garage Door Repair Lynnfield

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