Garage Door Repair Lynnfield
Garage Door Repair Lynnfield
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Commercial garage door repair by well-equipped and trained pros

A team of expert garage door service technicians that specialize in a variety of different services, such as repair and maintenance.

The best lubricants

The debate between powder and spray rages on but our specialists are of the view that you can use either depending on your convenience. Ensure that the brand being used is reputable and that you follow all the instructions that are given on the bottle. If in doubt, check again because a mistake can be costly.

Stop the opener immediately if the garage door does not move

If the door is stuck, the opener may get seriously damaged while working to lift it. You should disconnect it from its power source and inspect the moving parts of the door for damage. Our specialists recommend that you pay special attention to the garage door spring, belts and tracks.

Making sure your garage door opener is maintained

Since your opener is equipped with moving parts and can cause great harm if it malfunctions, it should be evaluated annually to ensure that the safety mechanisms are functioning properly. This will help you avoid any unnecessary incidents and keep you safe.

Garage Door Repair Lynnfield

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